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About My Business : FAQ

If your question is not answered by any of the below, then please do contact us.

Who is the website aimed at?

The website is aimed specifically at small and medium sized business owners in the UK, and any individual with an interest in running a business and all the various issues and subjects around running a business. Therefore the scope is not too restrictive so any business related matter can be discussed.

How can I list my business?

There is a business finder on the site. Simply choose the relevant category and add a clear description of your business. You can view the Business Finder here.

What sort of business can I list?

You can list any UK business. It does not have to be officially a registered limited company for instance, so if you operate as a sole trader or run a business in your spare time selling clothes, for instance, you may list your business and website. Clearly you must only list businesses that operate legally within the law.

Is About My Business free to use?

Yes absolutely! The site is completely free, as soon as you register you can participate in all the forums, the business finder and contribute your articles and expertise to the site.

Can I link to my Business website in my posts and articles?

Yes, you may link to your website in your posts and articles. We simply ask that you never post purely for the sake of linking to your business, but rather make a valid point and link to your site where relevant, or include at the end of your posts.

Can I advertise my business on About My Business?

Absolutely. You can use a free listing the Business Finder, or if you prefer for a small charge you can have a premium listing at the top of your category in bold, with the option to also have banner or graphical adverts for your business on site.

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