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Business Forums : 11-February-09 6:56AM

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Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?...

By: Jhimli [11-February-09 6:56AM]
3 posts
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Hello, everyone,
I just left my job because of my transfer issue. I dont want to shift and thus thought of doing something from home for earning. I know a bit about earning through internet but have never been into it. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Iyaaks [12-February-09 4:00AM]
3 posts
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Don’t worry; there are many ways that you can employ yourself to get a good income from the web. You just have to know the right way to go. I know a http://www.debtfreein2months.com that can help you to get income. You should try it and hopefully you might be running your own business in few days.
All the best!

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Find Accountant [12-February-09 9:32PM]
65 posts
Business picture

Hi Jhimli,

There are many ways of making money on the internet, but the most commmon ones are below:

Selling products via dropshipping
Affilite marketing
Selling you own products

All of the above are easy, apart from selling your own products because obviously you will need to have products to sell, which will obviously cost you money.

Selling products through dropshipping is where you set up a web-site stocked with products belonging to the dropshipper. You mark them up in price. When someone places an order, you order the product through the dropshipper, they ship it out & deal with most customer services, etc & you keep the profit. A good company for this is http://www.dropshipland.com

Adsense is where Google places adds related to the content of your site & you get paid everytime someone clicks on the adds. There is also a google search bar you can put on your site & I think you get paid when people search through it & click on a result. Not sure though because I've never done it. The aim is to set up sites that are optimised to for search engines & get good rankings & then get some adsense ads on there & wait for people to click!

Affiliate marketing is where you advertise other companies products or services via banners on your site & when someone clicks the banner through your site & makes a purchase through the site they are taken to, you get paid a commission. I have a basic site that does this, http://www.cheap-gift.co.uk

Amazon & http://www.cafepress.com run good affiiate programs as well.

Hope this helps.

Let us know how you get on.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

1crazydream [14-February-09 10:55PM]
8 posts
Business picture

I think I answered you in a different forum but there is truly only 1 way to earn money online.
LEARNING is the answer.
You have to find someone real that you can talk to and work with them learn from them and it will take some time so if your in this to start making money
tomorrow ...don't fall for it.

I wish the best for you.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Sharycea [22-February-09 4:14AM]
6 posts
Business picture

I found an affiliate program that really got me excited. I can earn from $75 up to $250 per sale and I can promote this program off-line as well as on-line. I made my first sale for $95 within a couple weeks.

This is a legitimate business and is taught in major Colleges and Universities in the US and Canada. However, you can do this no matter where you live.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

JSquaredComms [10-March-09 5:34PM]
5 posts
No picture yet!

I think that Google offers something to do with placing advertisements. But it's a big commitment.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Mortgages [25-March-09 7:09AM]
1 posts
Business picture

Great. very useful threads. but, can believe this online business? because someone tell me many online business is cheated. So, careful when you handle. But, I want to know about what is affiliate marketing.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

God1loves2 [6-April-09 9:12AM]
21 posts
Businesswoman image (c) About My Business

Hey, head on to www.lifesaverbiz.net, make sure you get in touch with me, I would hold you by the hand a show you what to do.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Angellchick [6-April-09 11:44PM]
1 posts
No picture yet!

Hello there.

You need to talk to us. If you want a real, genuine, ethical business with real ideas, real people and a true way to reach finacial freedom.

We look forward to hearing from you

Warm Regards

Hanna Angell

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

MariaJ [7-April-09 7:43AM]
27 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

If you are interested in looking into a network marketing company, I can give you that idea. This type of home business is not for everyone, but they are worth looking at.


Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Bsfweb [16-April-09 7:15AM]
8 posts
Business picture

If you're good in web designing and doing any sort of Data entry or even telemarketing , you might wanna try out a freelancing site even which will benefit you the most http://ww.getafreelancer.com

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Alternative4u [17-April-09 4:39PM]
102 posts
Business picture

Well as these kind people have said on the forum already, yes there are lots of ways to earn (try) to earn on the internet, sadly that there are so many people already doing it that the sellers outstrip the user base by 1000 to 1 buyer, that will soon cost you a fortune if you start to think you can beat that lot and make money, because to get money your going to need to spend 1000s of s on adverts, off and on the net, printing posters, hand-outs, I know, been and done that.
Good luck mate in anything you do.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Alienmuppets [8-September-11 7:20AM]
3 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

Hi there...just started my own online business as well and its a hard road to begin with...at least a good 6 months to build it up; post on sites...encourage friends to tell friends and get that traffic to your site! The hard work pays off eventually but I guess a little luck is always required...drop something onto YOUTUBE!(get a video programme and get your company name flashing across the botom of the video too!) Did it on my website and its a good way to get people through to your site. Best of luck!


Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Callcare247 [12-April-12 12:03PM]
6 posts
Businesswoman image (c) About My Business

You could try working as a virtual assistant

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Tim Briggs [10-May-12 6:12PM]
881 posts
Business picture

The best business is one you feel passionate about - that is critical to success.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Chris Thompson [16-May-12 10:48PM]
431 posts
Business picture

There are lots of businesses that it is suitable to run from home.

Namely anything that doesn't require face-to-face contact, either with purchasers or, to a lesser extent, with clients.

Anything that you can sell online such as a service or product that is downloadable is great too.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Dothebusiness [18-May-12 10:08PM]
10 posts
Business picture

Very often making money from home sounds a very attractive proposition but we really need to remember at statistics reveal that under 3% of home based entrepreneurs actually make a decent income.
If you do work from home behave as if you are actually working, have set time to start, take breaks and finish each day. Be focused on what every you are doing and don't get distracted by things happening around you.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Mcjohn [19-May-12 9:04AM]
8 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

You can use Google ad sense for earning money online.


Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Jhgreene [20-July-12 4:11PM]
3 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

This may be a little late for you but i very recently came across really exciting information to help struggling business double it's sales

lots of no charge information

you may want to check out the video


Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Chixfashionz [26-July-12 12:32AM]
22 posts
Business picture

I would start by having a bit of a brain-storming session on the topic. What do you enjoy doing? What are you good at? What are your hobbies and interests? Have you seen any businesses that you like the look of?

Do not fall for the 'make-a-million-dollars-tomorrow' scams that are prolific on the internet. You need to consider amongst other things:

- how much money do you need to cover your living costs?
- how much money you might need to start the business?
- how long will it take to bring in the customers and $$$? Not all businesses make dollars on the first day or in the first week even. You need 'survival money' to pay your living expenses and capital to fund the business model.
- how much time you will dedicate to the venture: lifestyle balance options?
- how will you promote your business? What point of difference can you offer over competitors, if there are any?

Whilst you don't want your hobbies/interests to become a laborious choir, having a passion for something can spark a bright idea and give birth to a viable business.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Entrepreneur20 [16-August-12 3:38PM]
2 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business


If you are really interested in making serious amounts of money in life, the key is to work for yourself. Working for other people is helping them more than yourself. a 'job for life' doesn't exist anymore and working a 9-5 simply does not cut it as there are not enough hours in a day or nearly enough paychecks in a life time.

I was introduced to an amazing business opportunity which I am more than willing to share with anyone that may be interested. This business opportunity is the next best thing, it can be done around your current life meaning you don't need to give up your day job. This business opportunity could provide you with that financial freedom we all desire by allowing you to build a residual income. This business opportunity is a plan B that could easily become your plan A.

If anyone is interested please feel free to message me and I'd be happy to answer any questions.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

JhonnyMew [4-September-12 6:12PM]
8 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

Some home business are profitable and people do prefer doing home based job as easy to relax at home and work.


Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Romen Esko [5-September-12 7:01AM]
49 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

Hi all,

Here are 5 relatively recession resistant, money making home business ideas to consider.
1. Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing services are in high demand in an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds. Anyone who has an online business presence needs to know how best to effectively market their website on the Internet and most will consult an Internet marketing firm for assistance. That's where the independent Internet marketing specialist comes in.

As small business owners look for ways to build traffic and increase sales in a tough economy, a knowledgeable Internet marketer can help them gain a strong return on investment using very cost efficient means, which makes this a potentially recession resistant business you should include with any money making ideas you might be considering.

2. Medical Billing

A medical billing career could be very promising, either as a home business or a work from home medical billing job. Medical billing and coding lends itself well to working at home, and many in the medical billing and coding profession have been able to do just that, either by setting up a home business and working for themselves with independent physicians as their clients, or by working from home in medical billing jobs with larger health care firms that make and track medical billing work assignments electronically.

In a tough economy, medical providers still need to handle their billing and health care is generally seen as an industry that's highly resistant to recession and has strong money making potential.
3. Home Staging Home Business

If you have an eye for interior decorating and want to run your own money making home business,a home staging business can provide a great, low-cost start up opportunity for you and it's a great home business to start part-time on weekends while you're still employed.

A recession or down economy can often mean a real estate market flooded with homes for sale, including homes held by banks and mortgage companies in foreclosure. A home stager can show clients how to make their homes stand out from the competition and get it sold more quickly. Real estate agents and home lenders may also be fruitful contacts for anyone engaged in this type of recession resistant home business.
4. eBay Trading Assistant

eBay Trading Assistants help people sell their items on eBay. eBay Trading Assistants who operate a home business typically go out to client's homes or businesses to photograph and pick up items and then sell them on eBay on consignment, with the Trading Assistant handling all of the details of the sale and collecting a commission once the item is sold.

In a recession, people are looking for money making ideas to help pay bills. Selling unused and unwanted items on eBay is one way to that. However, not everyone knows how or wants to put forth the effort to sell the times themselves, so making money on eBay as a Trading Assistant could be a very lucrative recession resistant business in hard times.
5. Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant (VA) industry is growing fast and becoming a popular for those who want to run their own home business to get started - usually by doing the things they have done well in the past for prior employers.

Thank you
Romen esko


Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

JasmineRofel [6-September-12 4:58PM]
2 posts
Businesswoman image (c) About My Business

Setting up a functional workspace is critical to the success from a work from home employee. Try setting up your space so that it contains all of the necessary equipment that you need. You may decorate your workspace so that it is aesthetically appealing but try to keep distractions to a minimum.
Establishing a working schedule is also important. Having regularly scheduled hours when you work will help you to be more efficient during these times. Be sure to schedule work time as well as break times so that you will not become overwhelmed. One of the pitfalls that some work from home employees fall into is working too many hours. In an office there is a clear signal to the end of the day as other employees start to leave the office for the day but at home employees sometimes have difficulty ending their day.
Being able to motivate yourself is critical for the work at home employee. In an office situation, you have a supervisor and co-workers who motivate you to complete your work but when you are working at home, you only have yourself to push you to succeed.
Maintaining a professional attitude is also important for the work from home employee. If you have frequent client interactions, be careful to answer the phone or respond to their emails in a professional way. A home office may be an informal environment that affords you the luxury of dressing casually but client interactions should always follow certain decorum. Keeping your interactions businesslike will ensure that the client does not begin to doubt the amount or quality of work that is being put into their projects.
Considering hiring a day care provider is another tip for working from home. Those who have young children may find it difficult to attend to the needs of their children while fulfilling their job obligations. For this reason it may be worthwhile to have a day care provider care for your child during your working hours.
Avoid volunteering for too many activities. Many people will assume that because you work at home you are free to help them run errands, pick up their children from school or be an emergency babysitter if their child has a cold. While you may want to help your friends and family members, it is important to make it clear that your work is just as important as theirs and that you have obligations to take care of each day.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

JuliaMathun [7-September-12 9:23PM]
1 posts
Business picture

Hi Jhimli

I read your message and also view all reply valuable answer. I want to say all home business seeker want to make money from home than must be use this job site- http://freelancejobworkplace.blogspot.com/

I hope that it will help you

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Priyamani [12-November-13 9:44AM]
14 posts
Businesswoman image (c) About My Business

Hi Jhimli,
I will help you,
Ideas to make money online fast
1.Blog consultant
2.Selling photos
3.Mediate job seeker
4.paid writing
5.Data Entry
These are all gives small amount of money and it takes long time.You can earn huge amount of money by selling domains and other web related services.
If you are interested in this business,You should become a reseller.If you need reseller account visit GoResellers.com It includes domain name registration,hosting,web building and design service,After that you can fix your own rate and make money online easily.Through this business,Now I make some good amount of money.I hope it will be very useful to who are interested to make money from home.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

PruHarrison [22-November-13 11:43AM]
20 posts
Business picture

This is one of the fantastic idea to earn money from home. Working from home means you can save your money, time, as well as you can spend your time with your family & friends. There are few business, I hope it will helps you.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Clareville [27-November-13 10:59AM]
8 posts
Business picture

You need to think about what it is you really want to do before starting up any business. If you do something that your heart isn't in just to make money it won't be a success.
If there are any particular skills you have then use these to your advantage. For example if you are great at writing then offer your services to companies to write content and blogs. If you have training in IT then start up a business in this working from home.
There are endless possibilities, but you have to be passionate about the one you decide on.
Good Luck.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Ukfraud [2-March-14 2:40PM]
5 posts
Business picture

According to me, you can consider the below ideas:

Open a small fast food outlet/restaurant with minimum investment.
Maintain a blog on some good topic and earn through google adsense.
And search a job alongside.

Re : Earning money ! Need suggestions for home business?

Ecohomes [8-September-14 12:34PM]
5 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

You need to learn before going on the internet marketing business. Don't think that it's an easy alternative. For some who dream all day marketing can be but for people who ask "could I" or "is it safe" I don't think it is.

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