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Business Forums : 19-February-10 12:46PM

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75 Free AdWords voucher...

By: Tim Briggs [19-February-10 12:46PM]
881 posts
Business picture

Received in the post the other day a 75 voucher to give AdWords a go.

I've received ones for 30 and 50 before, but not one for this much... so I might actually give it a go. I know you need to spend I think it is 5 or 10 to set up the account, but getting 85 worth of clicks and spending a 10 is just about worth it, having ignored previous offers!

Anyone else wonder why the offers are getting better... perhaps there has been a slowdown in new take-up of AdWords with the global recession?


Re : 75 Free AdWords voucher

Context123 [22-March-10 5:03PM]
32 posts
Business picture

I have no idea why they are getting better maybe Google are getting more generous - or not....

We are a specialist Web Marketing company who work in association with Google to help business get the most from Adwords, by applying essential optimizations recommended by the Google best practices throughout their campaign, ad-groups and keywords.

This way clients gain advantages of higher quality scores, lower cost per clicks and in your case would mean more targeted visitors from your 75 voucher.

We work for free for 30 days and if clients are pleased with the ROI they can sign-up for a monthly subscription. (however in your case 30 days is all you may want as you will have 75 worth of clicks)

Here's a great free tip! set up your account on Pre-pay this way you won't have to worry about remembering to pause your campaign when you hit that 75 mark and risk being charged from then on.

Re : 75 Free AdWords voucher

Janine Cook [28-March-10 10:51PM]
15 posts
No picture yet!

I tried google adwords once.

It was a good way to lose money very quickly indeed... I think it cost over a pound per click and with an experimental budget of a few hundred pounds it went in a matter of days and got no sales at all.

How anyone makes money through paying tht much per click I don't know.

I think on the internet getting bout 1% of visitors to buy is a superb return, but that would have meant spending 100 just to get one customer: you have to sell very expensive stuff to make that back so not sure really how any companies make money with adwords, particularly small businesses without bottomless pit budgets like the big companies?!?!

Re : 75 Free AdWords voucher

Context123 [5-May-10 12:54PM]
32 posts
Business picture

That is very true. If you don't have much experience using Adwords it's an easy way to waste money quickly.

However with experience or hiring a Google 'qualified' professional, they/ you can optimize your account so your clicks cost much less than your product or service.

This can be done through long tail keywords which will be cheaper and get you the most relevant eager buyers: ie phrases like 'buy children gym trainers' instead of 'trainers' simple tactics like this will reduce cost per click in some cases by up to 60%

Other tactics like setting up conversion tracking for CPA bidding. this will based on your Adwords performance and historical information, only show your ad when it's cost per click will be profitable or higly likely to result in a sale.

To set and implement tactics like these and other which ensure your get positive returns on investments in all campaigns take about 2 weeks to get running but like everything in life you need the knowledge and thats where we at Contextured come in. Google "Contextured" and see what we do.

Re : 75 Free AdWords voucher

Dan Moore [10-June-10 12:56PM]
540 posts
Business picture

As mentioned above by Contextured Adwords is a powerful tool and can be a powerful promotional tool for your business.

But you need to take the time to learn how to use this. And if you don't have the time or the confidence, then it is one of those areas where for many businesses it would be worth engaging the services of experts who know how to use it to help your business.

If you have no budget at all to go elsewhere, there are many useful tutorials out there on the web that explain the different features, how to research keywords, how to test the efficacy of different key phrases for you and some of the other clever features alluded to above.

The key is to take your time and think carefully in advance of launching your campaign. You can also dip your toe in the waters gently and then increase the visibility of your campaign as you get more confident and decide that you can make a return on the investment.

Re : 75 Free AdWords voucher

Theorytest [20-June-10 10:00PM]
9 posts
Business picture

About to start testing AdWords... will be interesting to see how well it works

Re : 75 Free AdWords voucher

Site Optimizer [8-September-10 5:50PM]
3 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

Agreed with Context123. I come into contact with a lot of people who seem to think Adwords doesn't work.

This is because they have tried to do some promotion without really understanding how the system works and how to get the best out of it.

The vouchers themselves are a great way to try out Adwords. We occasionally have batches of them to give to our clients, so keep an eye on the below page. We'll post on there when they are available:

PPC Management

Re : 75 Free AdWords voucher

Newsvend [15-November-10 12:52PM]
6 posts
Business picture

If anyone would like a 30 free adwords voucher, Google AdWords are currently running a campaign - you can access the free adwords credit form here: http://www.newsvend.com/google-adwords-voucher.html

Re : 75 Free AdWords voucher

Peteark [15-November-10 11:55PM]
185 posts
Business picture

You're too kind Chris

50 Free AdWords voucher

Newsvend [14-September-11 9:46AM]
6 posts
Business picture

Just an update on this... good news The AdWords voucher offer at http://www.newsvend.com/google-adwords-voucher.html has been raised to 50 (UK only, first-time AdWords customers)

Re : 75 Free AdWords voucher

Easyseo [17-February-12 10:17AM]
1 posts
Businesswoman image (c) About My Business

The newsvend voucher has stopped. However you can get an adwords voucher here:

Re : 75 Free AdWords voucher

Elrhaziotmane [26-February-12 10:23PM]
12 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

I just don't want to try this adwords service.
Otmane El Rhazi.

Re : 75 Free AdWords voucher

Samozain2020 [5-August-12 8:08PM]
5 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

Informative post

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