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Business Forums : 10-May-08 4:50AM

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Help me how to boom the website? thx...

By: Honesty4u [10-May-08 4:50AM]
5 posts
Business picture

Here there is some info about our factory, but how to take action, help me pls

http://www.honestycraftbox.com Our box manufactory located in Shantou city of China produces within range of storage boxes, packaging boxes, gift boxes , jewelry boxes and photo frames, available in producing leather box, PVC box, paper box, suede box and fabric box. For all these craft boxes, you are able to check up our website:


Re : Help me how to boom the website? thx

Dan Moore [16-May-08 7:18PM]
540 posts
Business picture

Hi there,

Would you be better off targeting forums that are more geared towards this type of product and your market/geographic region? These forums are specifically for UK businesses...

Re : Help me how to boom the website? thx

Stephen Edwards [22-May-08 11:18AM]
209 posts
Business picture

These forums are aimed at UK businesses and their owners / employees so I don't think boxes from China will be in great demand here.

Re : Help me how to boom the website? thx

Kaddyren [2-June-08 4:10AM]
16 posts
Business picture

)hi, we produce coaxial cables from China,do you think it will be in great demand there?

Re : Help me how to boom the website? thx

MARCELLA PINTO [7-August-12 3:54AM]
93 posts
Businesswoman image (c) About My Business

Why don't you endorce it to seo companies with tested credibility to do it for you.

Re : Help me how to boom the website? thx

Chixfashionz [1-October-12 1:14AM]
22 posts
Business picture

I have some issues with this one.

Let's start with the name. Honesty Craft Boxes. When nobody knows you, it's best not to try convincing them you are 'honest.' We don't know that and in fact, it will almost certainly give some the instant sense to distrust you!!!

Secondly, are you genuinely a manufacturer as you state? Or are you really a wholesaler or even a retailer? Many of us who have tried sourcing goods from made-in-china.com, alibaba and aliexpress are sick of messaging so-called "manufacturers" who give us prices higher than what we would already pay at RETAIL in our own countries!!!

I for one, have given up on those 3 websites mentioned above. There's nothing wrong with you participating here at this forum and asking for advice. There will be a ready market for your products worldwide, so good on you for signing up here.

But if you want to sell abroad, I would avoid using words like "best", "trust", "honor" and "honesty" in your business and website name. People will look at it and think the opposite!!!

Your best bet is to consider the markets you think would buy the products: UK, USA, other parts of Asia. Then do a Google search and try to find wholesalers and retailers in those countries. Have a look at their websites, contact them and ask them whether they would be interested in any of your products.

Good luck

Re : Help me how to boom the website? thx

Romen Esko [22-November-12 9:35AM]
49 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

Hello Friends,

A high school biology teacher looks to become a successful mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to prevent extra-curricular activities from being axed at his cash-strapped school. The Boom Booms will take part in the “Save The Salish Sea Festival”. The festival, which is co-organized by the Tsleil Waututh Nation, Squamish Nation, Wilderness Committee and Tanker Free BC, will take place on September 2 at Waterfront Park in North Vancouver. In addition, The Boom Booms have been invited to open for Sarah McLachlan and Bryan Adams at “Voices in the Park” on September 15. Having recently signed a management deal with Paul Mercs of Paul Mercs Concerts, The Boom Booms are ecstatic about what lies ahead. With their energetic live performance, positive message and upcoming fifty-date Canadian and U.S. tour, The Boom Booms are poised to propel themselves to an international level. Some of the major cities in which The Boom Booms will be performing include Toronto, Montreal, New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Boston.

Best regards,
Romen Esko


Re : Help me how to boom the website? thx

Clareville [10-October-13 12:12PM]
8 posts
Business picture

If you are interested in selling in the UK then I would get a UK based Digital Marketing Agency to look at your site and give you some recommendations. This will give you the basics of what you will need to do to get your website found. I would recommend employing an agency to do the work for you as they will have a very good idea of the work that needs doing to get your site found.

Re : Help me how to boom the website? thx

PruHarrison [25-October-13 11:18AM]
20 posts
Business picture

Today's you have many option to increase the popularity of your website. Internet is the best option to promote your business in another sites & make a good link, connection to promote website.

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