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Business Forums : 2-May-09 10:55AM

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Legal Binding Contract....

By: Kim195 [2-May-09 10:55AM]
15 posts
Business picture

Hello! I am not only new to this awesome forum but also new to the concept of small business. I have a business in mind that I would like to pursue, but the biggest thing I can't find help on is an answer to my question on contracts:

How can I make a legal binding contract? Do I take a contract template and get it notarized or signed/registered through some legal institution? Or is ANY document that is signed by me and my client considered legal-binding? I'm just not sure about the legal part.

Thank you

Re : Legal Binding Contract.

Sasha Evans [6-May-09 10:54PM]
319 posts
Business picture

I would suggest speaking to a lawyer, but in general I believe that if you have both signed the contract document that makes it binding.

Re : Legal Binding Contract.

Lianne West [11-May-09 11:41PM]
462 posts
Business picture

As Sasha suggests, probably best to speak to a lawyer to be sure as common sense is always the right answer with legal stuff!

Re : Legal Binding Contract.

Technologytool [27-May-13 10:26AM]
13 posts
Businesswoman image (c) About My Business

There are many professional firms out there however that doesn't mean that every one lawyers are good. In fact, finding a personal injury law firm that is ready to assist well with a selected problem isn't a simple task.


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