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Business Forums : 12-November-07 3:45PM

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Marketing ?????...

By: Richard Paul [12-November-07 3:45PM]
1 posts
Business picture


I am trying to market my website and also my shop!

Can anyone give me advice on the best ways to do this?

Re : Marketing ?????

Wealdbusiness [22-November-07 4:10PM]
34 posts
No picture yet!

Hi Richard,

You don't say what you sell?

You could try Google Ads - it's pretty user friendly. How about ebay for your shop?? Worth a try maybe!!


Re : Marketing ?????

Chris Thompson [23-November-07 10:36PM]
431 posts
Business picture

Hi Richard

Post a link to your site here and I'm sure some of the experts around will be able to give you some pointers


Re : Marketing ?????

WealdBusiness [25-November-07 4:48PM]
34 posts
No picture yet!

Do we have to have posted a certain number of replies before we ad a link to ask for advice


Re : Marketing ?????

Lianne West [26-November-07 2:28PM]
462 posts
Business picture


If you want advice I believe you can just go ahead and post


Re : Marketing ?????

Loose_gown [5-December-07 4:00PM]
19 posts
Business picture

Here is another idea:
Search engine optimization for your website. You need to read about how to make your website Search Engine Friendly and that how to get traffic for your site by optimizing your keywords, too.

Re : Marketing ?????

Stephen Edwards [6-December-07 1:23AM]
209 posts
Business picture

SEO is definitely a good idea - from the lack of a reply however it seems that Richard has gone AWOL!

Re : Marketing ?????

Townsnine [28-January-08 3:12AM]
20 posts
No picture yet!

Want to earn internet ad-rate by my website......

So need some unions
Someone suggest Tootoo union,but I don't know about tootoo.com.

How about http://union.tootoo.com?

How about tootoo union?

Re : Marketing ?????

Tim Briggs [30-January-08 12:28AM]
881 posts
Business picture

Hi Townsnine

Your hard-to-read English is making it difficult, so let's be clear about this - you own a website called Tootoo union and are trying to get people to use it?


Re : Marketing ?????

Pashasinc [5-February-08 3:23PM]
6 posts
No picture yet!

What are you selling? We can help you. get back to me after you have seen our website. www.medtech.co.uk

Re : Marketing ?????

Helenzhang5 [10-September-12 8:00AM]
5 posts
Businesswoman image (c) About My Business

Me,too, we sell stone crusher, cone crusher, grinding mill. http://www.vkconecrusher.com

Re : Marketing ?????

Romeorichards [26-September-12 3:40PM]
12 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

Hi Richard,
I am suggesting you to do SEO, backlinking, and all that stuff. Social media marketing is another way to promote your website, too. But you have to do it right because if you over-promoting yourself, social media sites like twitter, facebook, and etc will mark you as spammer.
Good luck!

Best regards,
Romeo Richards

Re : Marketing ?????

Chixfashionz [26-November-12 5:54AM]
22 posts
Business picture

Agree with Richard above.

Ensure you have social media accounts set up. Contribute to some forums like this one. Set up a blog and use it regularly. Get your friends involved using their social media accounts. Promote your website locally (on flyers, business cards and on your products etc) and also within the major free business directories.

Re : Marketing ?????

Romen Esko [28-November-12 4:59AM]
49 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

Hello Friends,

1.Make the most of your Auction-style and Buy It Now listings: The most successful eBay Shop sellers bring buyers to their Shop through their Auction-style and Buy It Now listings, which appear in regular searches and categories on eBay. In your item descriptions, include links to pages in your Shop such as: the home page, Shop categories, and so forth. Use the listing header to incorporate your Shop's visuals (colours, logo, and theme), as well as links to your other Shop pages and categories in all of your item descriptions.
2.Take advantage of Shop Marketing tools: eBay offers a number of marketing tools that you can use to promote your shop including email marketing, a customised listing header, cross-promotions, and listing feeds. You can access these tools by clicking the “Marketing Tools” link in My eBay.
3.Custom listing header: Set up your own banner, called a listing header, to promote your Shop on listings and to brand your Shop and further enhance the buyer experience.
4.Use your About Me page: Create an About Me page and devote it to your Shop: describe your business, include links to your Shop, incorporate your Shop's visuals, and so forth. Once you create this page, users can click the "me" icon that always appears next to your user ID to learn more about you.
5.Upgrade your subscription level: Upgrade your subscription level for more exposure on eBay Shops search pages, as well as other parts of eBay.
6.Include your Shop name in Discussion Board posts: When you communicate with other members of the eBay Community on eBay's Discussion Boards, include your Shop name and URL as part of your signature.

Best Regards,
Romen Esko


Re : Marketing ?????

Aaronsmith2266 [12-December-12 12:08PM]
7 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

Dear if want to Market your website than make search engine freindly web site and than start link building for it,For shop promotion use Free classified site, local listing forums etc

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