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Business Forums : 20-October-06 12:56PM

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Motivation when starting a new business...

By: Janine Cook [20-October-06 12:56PM]
15 posts
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How does everyone stay motivated, particularly in the early stages of a business?

Doing a full time job but without much income coming in is a little depressing... just hopefully it won't be too long before the cash starts flowing.

I guess it is a case of believing and remaining positive, but it is a little hard sometimes.

Or does motivation come easily to you?


Re : Motivation when starting a new business

David Rose [28-October-06 8:07PM]
46 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

I think it all comes down to doing something you love. It is cliched, but if you feel passionate about what you are doing, and believe in it, then you are always likely to be prepared to work that little harder and longer to make a success of it.


Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Janine Cook [30-October-06 5:35PM]
15 posts
No picture yet!

David, Thanks for that - I tend to agree... if you really believe in what you are doing it definitely helps.

But even then I feel there must be other factors that influence those who keep on going til they make it and those that don't. Anyone else got any thoughts on this?


Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Jim Martin [8-November-06 11:38AM]
48 posts
Businessman image (c) About My Business

I'll give you my answer in a couple of years when I've been through the whole process

At the moment the 'problem' is almost the other way round - with so much anticipation and enthusiasm it is almost a case of reining in my motivation so as not to get carried away.

Being realistic with plans and projections is certainly an interesting point in fact when starting a business...


Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Sheena [19-December-06 2:35PM]
14 posts
Business picture

Hi Janine

What sort of business are you in?

I am with Jim, I really had to rein myself in... the whole point is to find a business you are passionate about but to also find a 'work life balance'...

I've found the business, just need to find the right balance.


Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Janine Cook [19-December-06 4:42PM]
15 posts
No picture yet!

Hi Sheena

Thanks for the message. I'm starting up a T-shirt printing business. Obviously my next step will be to get a website set up but recently done some mailshots in the local paper and so on.

However I fully realise if others are like myself they will just shove the leaflet straight in the bin!

I also have a few other ideas up my sleeve; ideally I'd like to run a few small businesses side by side and then the dream ideal would be to pick the one that works best and then stick with it!!!

How about you - what do you do?


Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Sheena [19-December-06 5:35PM]
14 posts
Business picture

Hi Janine

I'm a Virtual Assistant. Put simply, I'm a secretary that works from a remote office - saves you space and employment costs (NI, Employers liability etc).

I don't build websites but I do have a couple of contacts if you like. Also, I have marketing experience. Feel free to contact me if you want to 'brainstorm'


Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Binhtouk [22-December-06 9:16AM]
8 posts
Business picture

Hello Janine,

Motivation is something you feel, but it is also something you practice and maintain. I started setting up my business in April 06 while working full time. I worked 7 nights per week and weekends and by 1st Dec 06, I launched the business. Like everybody else, I also feel full of motivation, ideas and unfortunately my body can't keep up with my heart and mind.

You need to maintain the drive and yet keep a bigger perspective. But don't worry there will always be low days for each of us, but know that there is always a new day around the corner.

If you need any advice or help contact me. My background is marketing, eMarketing, SEO/SEM within hotels. I am running an online company specialising in serviced London apartments. I also tried direct mail, but I much prefer using Google/yahoo/msn ppc and online networking. Are you a member of eCademy?

Binh Zientek

Company Website
Company blog

Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Telemax [25-December-06 6:28PM]
4 posts
Business picture


You need to be tough, and very persistant. I have been in business since April 04, it's taken me 3 years to make a comfortable living. I have had tough moments and even ran out of money after 6 months and was in the depths of despair. I remember it was a Friday afternoon, the phone rang and it was a prospect I had been working on for 6 months giving me a 10k contract.

Also, remember all the work that you put into sales and marketing, even if it brings no immediate results, will allways pay you back in the long term. Every time you begin to worry about your business making it, get onto your computer or the telephone and start selling or marketing. After 10 minutes you will comlpletely forget why you were worrying.

Hope this helps


Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Peteark [10-June-08 8:25PM]
185 posts
Business picture

It's nails, thats why so many fail in the early stages.

Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Ailema [25-June-08 8:53AM]
4 posts
No picture yet!

Well when statinng a business you should have a mentor, a mentor who is also a buisnessman coz youo cannot ask a simple employee in business matters because they cant relate on whats going on when talking about business, you make sure that you can talk to poeple who is involving in business so that he or she can guide you on your way thru putting up your business. Also if your interested to Receive $500 to $10,000 cash daily try to visit http://www.OvernightCashExplosion.com/kaizen coz they can help you on how to handle money on hand

Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Alternative4u [25-June-08 7:37PM]
102 posts
Business picture

Hello, I read your message re Motivation>>> wow I can say I have had to have more of that than any other person has ever had to buy of it.
We formed Alternative4u way back in 1992, and myself and my Stepdad and sister put over 120 hours a week into getting the thing going, and we spent 1000s on adverts etc, and it took 7 years yes 7 years of hard work to get where we are today, and that still is only on the 2nd step up of a ladder.
Our main problem was we were Internet only based, and we have found to our cost that is no good at all, it is suicide to depend or rely on the net for any business to survive, as it just will not.
Far too few people are on the net now, and with Elec/Gas/Food/Rents etc all being higher than people earn, many people have cut out things not needed, sadly that was the internet.
Even Sky wwith internet built-in it are spending 1000s each day in adverts to tempt people into buying a package, Tiscali and AOL Recruit plus others give money or gifts away to get people to join them on the net, they would not need to do that if people were still joining services would they?
We had a shop in a high street of Exeter, the outgoings were double income every week, so with this recession we are in within UK & World markets we cut and run.
So my advice is to not spend loads on Outlaying money for business start up's, certainly do not put your home for backup in business incase it goes pear shaped, and never even think of taking more than say 80 per week out to live on for first 2 years at least.
If you drive big cars, smoke more than 20 a day, paying of your house, and have a partner to keep with business's as they are these days, you will go to the cleaners fast.
It's touch, and if your told otherwise by anyone, ask them to back you by giving you 3000 to get you started, if they say no way> then thats what they are honestly trying to tell you as well as I am.
Good luck in all you try to do, you deserve it lots.

Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Sheffy [5-July-08 5:11PM]
12 posts
Business picture

I was saddened to read the above post. Being in business for yourself can turn into a real nightmare.
You have to be fully committed from the start. You have to be adaptable, hard working, you have to be able to cope with periods of huge stress, to be able to do without things you want on occasion. You have to be able to face facts, adapt, alter, diversify and learn.
We have been in busness for over 25 years. We began selling a single product in a single way. The business grew and developed and we steered it through its many phases and ups and downs. Now it is completely different to the one we started with.
I guess the thing I have learnt over the years is start really small, learn, grow carefully, don't take daft risks, talk to people, read as much as you can, investigate and in my view you need the help of a supportive family. We are a husband and wife team and neither could have managed without the support and encouragement of the other.

Re : Motivation when starting a new business

Haribol Acharya [6-July-08 2:20AM]
25 posts
No picture yet!

Motivation is something that does not come so easily. I am a banker and have the experiencing of working there for over two decades. All I find in an organizational setup is people are not convinced that they can be helped to grow, prosper and be promoted. Motivation, more often than not is confined to the text in fat books of management. Most bosses do not use it notwithstanding the fact that in idyllic moments they assert the importance of it but in real life like situations they do not do it.

Only if bosses can embed the belief in their subordinates that they will be rewarded then that will work.

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