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Business Forums : 17-April-09 3:01PM

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New Google URL Paramater Information...

By: Tim Briggs [17-April-09 3:01PM]
881 posts
Business picture

Google appears to have added more information to the referrer string that is passed to your web pages, enabling you to see ranking information for searches that come through to your site.

For instance:

http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&cd=1&q=search phrase&spell=1

It looks like the 'cd' parameter contains the position where your site ranked, in this example for the term 'search phrase'.

There is also a resnum parameter so not entirely sure yet, interesting though...

Re : New Google URL Paramater Information

Tim Briggs [17-April-09 3:01PM]
881 posts
Business picture

OK so that url broke over the space... but anyway, look out for CD and RESNUM parameters in your referrer strings and look for patterns in them; if you notice anything interesting or work out exactly what they mean, post them here!

Re : New Google URL Paramater Information

Chris Thompson [19-April-09 7:36PM]
431 posts
Business picture


Should I start seeing new information in my stats package then? Currently I can't see anything different to before

Re : New Google URL Paramater Information

Sasha Evans [21-April-09 9:03PM]
319 posts
Business picture

I don't really understand this - does it affect normal sites?

Re : New Google URL Paramater Information

Dan Moore [20-May-09 11:33AM]
540 posts
Business picture

Thanks for the info Tim - sounds interesting!

Re : New Google URL Paramater Information

Find Accountant [20-May-09 3:35PM]
65 posts
Business picture

Hi Tim,

Could you elaborate further please? What do are you trying to explain? I'm a bit confused.

How would google be able to know what your site is to tell you what ranking your site is at?

Re : New Google URL Paramater Information

Peteark [20-May-09 5:08PM]
185 posts
Business picture

This is useful information, the trouble is Google cannot guarantee it will be a permanent fixture

Re : New Google URL Paramater Information

EcoCleanHome [12-June-09 7:33AM]
22 posts
Business picture

Here you have things explained:


furthur down the page:

http:///url?sa=T&source=web&oi=(Parameter 2)&cad=(Parameter 3)&ct=(Where you clicked)&cd=(Search Position)&url=(URL to be sent to)&ei=(Security Code)

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