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Best Ways To Advertise

Apart from having your own website what is the best and most productive form of online advertising available?
Asked on: 25-November-07 6:36PM | Asked by WealdBusiness | All my questions

Answers (4 in total)

If you have remaining advertising budget a good way to advertise online would be to 1. Ensure you are in the Business local listing on Google/ Yahoo/ Bing - When some searches for business improvement companies yours will appear before many competitors on the first page on Google if the person searching lives near by your business 2.Set up an adwords account (ppc advertising on Google) and run it on localized keywords only around 3-4 such as Business Advice Sussex/ Sussex Business improvement.... and your ad will not necessarily get a high impression rate, but a consistent and steady click through rate from local prospects clients looking for services you offer. Resulting in better conversion as their local and tend to trust local services more (more calls and emails)

Posted at: 5-January-10 5:03PM | By context123 | All my answers
You should try to include a blog or news page or section on your website. With each new article or post you should ensure they include the same keywords whicch you put in your meta tags and content throughout your site. You should try and put a new post or article up every week. The reason being google will find your keyword more on your site in the posts and articles, Also Google will crawl and index your website more oftern as you are continually adding new content-Google likes sites that do this. Some socail sites can help also such as twitter, here you can raise awarness of your brand build up a network and direct your followers onto your site (you can even search for people who are looking for your service- ie, someone may post 'i need business training can anyne help'you can find these people. What business is it and whats the website? maybe I could give your some more relevant online marketing tips.

Posted at: 3-December-09 12:34PM | By Context123 | All my answers
Thanks for the advice. My husband feels that SEO would not be that useful for our site because not many people would search online for the services that we offer. Although it may prove very useful for many companies to have someone optimise your website, SEO is very expensive and really way over our budget. Are they any relatively easy ways to make a website more searchable? We have amended our meta tags to make them more relevent. How long roughly does it take for a website to come high up on a Google search? Our site has been up and running since last September so it should be improving slowly shouldn't it?! Any comments please. Thanks Sue

Posted at: 22-January-08 2:05PM | By WealdBusiness | All my answers
Hi Sue, What I have been doing is registering my business profile on every website directory I have come across. This means that hopefully EAS is linked to as many directories as possible. Also what advise I have been given is to make your website search engine friendly. Oh and register on networking sites too and if you can attend any speed networking events they are good. I know you said online but, Hey sorry.

Posted at: 25-November-07 11:46PM | By dikisa | All my answers

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