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Knowledge Share

Welcome to the About My Business Knowledge Share. This is a brand new feature that has just launched!

Here you can ask, and answer, questions on any business-related topic. Simply click a category to browse current knowledge share questions and answers, or to ask a new question.

Please do ask a few questions and answer any outstanding questions that you can to help build up a stock of useful Q&As for members.

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*   Finance

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*   Running A Business

*   Starting A Business

Most Recent Questions

Bing And Other Search Engines
Is there any point in focusing on how to rank well in these sites when google is so dominant?
0 answers | 7-June-12 1:44PM | Asked by tim briggs

Have You Been Turned Down By Your Bank For Funding?
If you have been answered YES to my question, we may be able to help solve your problem. We have...
0 answers | 5-May-12 6:05PM | Asked by clipperman

How Often Should You Update A Webpage For SEO?
Would once a week or once a month be the the best?
2 answers | 14-April-11 1:33PM | Asked by Drachsi

Cold Calling
As most members here are SME's how many hours per week do you honestly spend on cold calling...
0 answers | 28-April-11 8:22PM | Asked by LawsOnSales

What Is The Percentage Of On-line Sales?
A statistic in 2010 claimed the UK had the potential for 100 billion in yearly sales. What...
0 answers | 14-April-11 1:38PM | Asked by Drachsi

Would You Outsource Internet Support For Your Company?
When you need help with marketing, problem solving, Internet applications, would you try to do it...
0 answers | 14-April-11 1:31PM | Asked by Drachsi

Email Marketing
Hi, I am new to all this and was wondering whether there was any recommendations for software or...
0 answers | 26-August-10 12:50PM | Asked by wisteriabp

How To Optimise SEO
Hi, I was wondering how you optimise your SEO and to improve your google ranking. any...
0 answers | 26-August-10 12:49PM | Asked by wisteriabp

Best Ways To Advertise
Apart from having your own website what is the best and most productive form of online advertising...
4 answers | 25-November-07 6:36PM | Asked by WealdBusiness

How Can You Promote A Website Online For Free?
We all know there are lots of ways of promoting a website online through spending money on...
4 answers | 20-July-07 1:42AM | Asked by tim briggs

Back Links
We have found it`s not worth having links with a lower pagerank than ours. Link farms are a waste...
1 answers | 10-November-09 11:55AM | Asked by worker135

Who Is Looking For The Key To Success
Is any one wanting a system that can create them a kingdom of wealth, a system where you can learn...
0 answers | 12-May-09 5:42PM | Asked by jamiebaxter

Which Way Is Up?
Hi Guys, Just need a little 'opinion direction'. We are a niche letting agent in east Yorkshire...
0 answers | 2-March-09 11:35PM | Asked by andyman

Useful Information If You Are Thinking Of Taking New Leashold Premises
This might be good to read for anyone looking for leasehold...
0 answers | 15-June-08 6:38PM | Asked by alexandre

Would You Consider Forming A Company
As a company formation agent, we are very interested to hear views and opinions from fellow members...
0 answers | 17-April-08 3:57PM | Asked by vickyl

Your Favourite Ecommerce System?
There are many ecommerce systems out there which are open source (free to use). Which one of...
2 answers | 19-July-07 8:43PM | Asked by dan moore

When Do You Have To Become VAT Registered?
As a one-man business, I've never thought about VAT registration. However I believe there is a...
3 answers | 20-July-07 12:23PM | Asked by thomas

Accountants For New Businesses
We are approaching our first anniversary of being in business and we are a little concerned about...
1 answers | 14-March-08 1:33PM | Asked by vickyl

What Is The Benefit Of OutboundB2BTelemarketing?
Outstanding Outbound Business to Business Telemarketing Why Outbound B2B Telemarketing Company? ...
0 answers | 12-January-08 4:48AM | Asked by outbound

Do You Want True Success In Business ?
I work with SME to corp busineses and have discovered tools which can bring cost svaings to a...
0 answers | 4-November-07 8:21PM | Asked by mjnorth

Do You Think All Webshops Are The Same?
When starting up a business money is tight, you want the best possible image, a pay-as-you-go...
0 answers | 3-October-07 4:13PM | Asked by robdavison

What Are The Best Sites For Networking?
There are lots of different forums and networking sites offering direct or indirect ways of...
1 answers | 20-July-07 12:19PM | Asked by thomas

What Are The Best Resources When Writing A Business Plan?
There are loads of websites out there that offer information on writing a business plan when you...
0 answers | 20-July-07 12:46PM | Asked by sasha evans

Successful Business Budgeting
Any tips on how to budget well within a business - preferably any sort of reliable...
0 answers | 20-July-07 12:45PM | Asked by sasha evans

How To Develop Your Career When Running Your Own Business?
When you work for a medium size company or larger one, often you get a clear career development...
0 answers | 20-July-07 12:22PM | Asked by thomas

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